Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sunday, July 3

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The beginning of our witness is our silence, the beginning of our power is taking refuge in God, and the beginning of our understanding is understanding the face of God in Jesus Christ. I am impressed in this morning's office by how often I am being drawn in to the presence of God, how often I am being asked to find strength and security and power in the presence of God.

Christians often speak of being a presence in the world, but our presence is to be God's presence and our presence becomes witness only after being in God's presence to take God's presence into the world.

Today as we worship in a new community of Christ with our son and his wife, my heart is committed to seeing the presence of God that emanates from those who are taking their presence in God. It is said of Brother Lawrence that he exuded the presence of God because he practiced the presence of God. It is still being said of the aged Billy Graham that he, too, exudes the grace and love of God because he constantly turns to the God of grace and love.

Our office this morning calls us into the Presence of God in order that we might know and accomplish the presence of God in our world.