Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tuesday, June 7

Divine Hours: Prayers for Summertime (45-47)

Those who genuinely pray with the Church that God may inspire us to think those things that are right will learn, if they listen and look into the work God is doing in this world, that with God the little is the large. Mary, little more than a poor woman with deep piety and passion for the things of God, somehow knew that the little baby she was promised to deliver to the world would be the Son of God who would rout injustices and tear down arrogance and pride. And, as the giver of grace, that same Son of God would dispense mercy to generation after generation.

Mary, whose mind was attuned to what was "right" with God, knew first-hand that the little was large. She, too, said that from now on all generations (including Protestants!) would bless her. We bless her today.

And what we are grateful for is that our own little offerings, when we see what God is doing through us, can become large offerings in God's eyes.